Beware of tyranny more than Covid-19

To fight a pandemic responsible for fewer deaths than the Asian flu of 1957-58 we’ve been schooled to think and behave like abject subjects under tyrannical rule.

We let bureaucrats decide for us what businesses are more important to society than others.

Without a squeak we acquiesce to being put under de facto house arrest.

We don’t bat an eye when troops are deployed to enforce lockdown orders

People believe they’re doing their duty by reporting on neighbours

Passively we observe our right to protest neatly cut off when public gatherings are outlawed in the name of social distancing

We accept the obligation to go bankrupt and hungry as the cost of beating the virus, yet our taxes keep the law-,makers responsible for our plight in clover.

Allowed to shop for a barbeque but forbidden to buy a barbeque chicken weremain faithful to the cause.

That the chance of death in lockdown due to hunger, addiction, depression, neglect, etc., is far higher than dying from the virus matters not one iota to the commissars of lockdown.

No one thinks to question the motive for ordering a whole nation to stay at home.

With bovine servility we greet every inroad into our private lives by law-makers who too often have a rotten past.

We are blind to the political basis of the divide between those who advocate keeping the economy closed until the cows come hone, and those desperate for the economy to reopen.

Though we may see it, we fail to grasp that the deliberate destruction of the socio-economic fabric is about exercising power over people instead of a life or death imperative.

Bureaucrats on the back of the media blame not their lockdown orders but the pandemic for destroying lives by the billion.  “The World Food Program suggests that 130 million people around the world could be pushed to the brink of starvation by the end of 2020 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.   Our herd mentality gives us no pause to think: ‘Virus deaths number no more than a quarter of a million worldwide. Lockdown policies instead of he virus starve the millions.’ The damage is self-inflicted.



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